hi gerald,

ok.. u could assign values to form input...
$myname=  "";

<input type=text name=name value=<?=$myname?>>

for the thank you?
simply do a if syntax to check if it's been submited... and put in a alert
for ur javascript..


... //do your statement to put in the values


if($submited) {
alert("thank you for your submittion..." ) ;

hope it works :)

Gerard Samuel wrote:

> Ok I have a form with a $PHP_SELF target, and I enter parts of the form
> when they enter information if something is wrong with their input.  Now
> what I would like to do is destroy all the variables when the form is
> correct and posted, so that when the page comes back up again, I post a
> thank you message, and the form is blank.  Just a thought.
> I tried setting strings to empty after data is submitted to the database
> like so $Age = ""; etc.... at the bottom of the file.
> Bounce some ideas of me.  Thanks

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