Don't set them to empty at the bottom of the file.  Do it right after the
INSERT to the database, and put the FORM below that.

An unfair restaurant-recommendation script:

    $message = '';
    # Horribly insecure code for illustrative purposes only:
    if (isset($name) && trim($name) && $name != "McDonalds"){
        mysql_query("insert into restaurants(name) values('$name')") or
        Blank out name for a new entry if they succeeded:
        if (!mysql_errno()){
            $name = '';
    elseif ($name == "McDonalds"){
        $message .= "We don't allow McDonalds to be recommened.<BR>\n";
        $name = '';
    <INPUT NAME=name VALUE='<?php echo $name;?>'>

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From: Gerard Samuel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Newsgroups: php.general
Sent: Saturday, August 04, 2001 12:34 AM
Subject: How to destroy a $variable

> Ok I have a form with a $PHP_SELF target, and I enter parts of the form
> when they enter information if something is wrong with their input.  Now
> what I would like to do is destroy all the variables when the form is
> correct and posted, so that when the page comes back up again, I post a
> thank you message, and the form is blank.  Just a thought.
> I tried setting strings to empty after data is submitted to the database
> like so $Age = ""; etc.... at the bottom of the file.
> Bounce some ideas of me.  Thanks

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