Hello!  :)

I have a script that loads another script with require() and based on
the context, I'd like different things to happen.  So, index.php is
calling the required file require.php.  And when require.php is run, if
there's no HTTP_REFERER and the file is index.php, everything is OK.
But if the file is accessed directly (say by GET) then I want an error
to be thrown.  Reason being is require.php can also accept POST
operations, but I don't want it to accept GETs, because it's not
supposed to be used alone.  Problem is, when it's required with another
file, GET is OK.  So basically, I want to detect if the file is being
required or called on its own.  At least, that's what it sounds like I
want to do from my above explanation.  Any ideas how I can accomplish
this?  Thanks!  :)

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