> Hello!  :)
> I have a script that loads another script with require() and based on
> the context, I'd like different things to happen.  So, index.php is
> calling the required file require.php.  And when require.php is run, if
> there's no HTTP_REFERER and the file is index.php, everything is OK.
> But if the file is accessed directly (say by GET) then I want an error
> to be thrown.  Reason being is require.php can also accept POST
> operations, but I don't want it to accept GETs, because it's not
> supposed to be used alone.  Problem is, when it's required with another
> file, GET is OK.  So basically, I want to detect if the file is being
> required or called on its own.  At least, that's what it sounds like I
> want to do from my above explanation.  Any ideas how I can accomplish
> this?  Thanks!  :)

I think $PHP_SELF is your friend!


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