On Tue,  7 Aug 2001 01:52, Julian Simpson wrote:
> who's fault is this?:
> I have a table 'cdrequest' it has columns 'albumfill' and
> 'releasedatefill' among others.... when i do the following query with
> myphpadmin
> update cdrequest set albumfill = "hot shots II", releasedatefill =
> 20010708 where requstID = 2; i get:
> You have an error in your SQL syntax near '\"hot shots II\",
> releasedatefill = 20010708 where requstID = 2' at line 1 I can't see
> any reason for the error.....
> part 2:
> when I flip to properties for the cdrequest just to make sure i'm
> spelling the columns corectly and cut and paste the exact same query on
> that page IT WORKS....
> Why would it work on that page but not the other. both are supposed to
> be places where you can enter a normal sql query..
> It also doesn't work in my PHP script which is where I really want it
> to work. What am I missing??

You might try using single quotes rather than double quotes to delimit 
your string value in the SQL statement.

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