Hi everyone :)

imagine this if you will..

  <body onload="document.formname.inputfield.focus()">
    <form name="formname">
      <input type="text" name="inputfield">

ugly form with a text input field that is focussed when the form loads,
erm.. nice.

now, I like to put all my form stuff into associative arrays, makes things
a lot nicer when I am doing things later... but this... means something
completely different to javascript:

  <body onload="document.formname.arraystuff[inputfield].focus()">
    <form name="formname">
      <input type="text" name="arraystuff[inputfield]">

and like that the text field won't focus and the parser tells me that
arraystuff has no properties and that inputfield is undefined.

I've tried all sorts of stuff, at the moment when I do a form I choose
between javascript and associative arrays, depending on what I need... but
I *want* both >;-) 

anyone have any ideas? I keep getting errors myself.


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