I think I saw a code to list the files, subdirectories and the files in the 
subdirectories of a simple directory in this list some time ago, but I didn't save it. 
Considering the quantitie of messages in this list, It's quite dificult to find this 
specific code, so ask the person who did it or someone else to write this code again.

I'm using this one:

$publico = ftp_nlist ($servidor, "public_html/publico");
    $cont = 0;
    while ($publico[$cont]){
     print "$publico[$cont]<br>";

This code doesn't show the files in the subdirectories and it requires ftp connection. 
Not very efficient. 

Thanks in advance. 

Is there a problem if I just write "thanks in advance"??? It's easier then writting 
back to thanks everybody :)

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