I searched the database and did not find anything. I was not sure if the
bug could possibly be entered under a different title, though. It is
discussed in the manual errata for the include() function, so I would
assume the developers at least know of it.

--Drew Vogel

On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Mark Roedel wrote:

>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Drew P. Vogel [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
>> Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 8:51 PM
>> Subject: [PHP] 3rd include
>> Has the "3rd include" bug (where variable definitions are
>> "lost" at the 3rd include), been fixed yet?
>The obvious way to answer this question would be to look it up in the
>database at bugs.php.net.  Any idea whether it's actually gotten entered
>there?  (I tried searching for '3rd', 'third', and 'three' -- 'include'
>just got way more results than I was interested in sifting through --
>and didn't see anything that appeared to match what you're describing...
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