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> You're right. It is not discuessed there. My memory served me 
> incorrectly.
> In index.php (the file loaded by php), 
>       echo( $HTTP_POST_VARS["last_name"] );
> will print the variable contents, but in save_script.php 
> (the 3rd file included) the same function call will print
> nothing.

Are you quite sure there's not something else going on here?  (An issue
of the $HTTP_POST_VARS array being out-of-scope inside a function, for
example?)  I'm sure I would have run into this behavior by now if it
were a system bug.

For whatever it's worth, I just did a test, with includes nested ten
deep, and $HTTP_POST_VARS kept its value at every level.  (PHP 4.0.6,
Apache 1.3.20, FreeBSD 4-Stable)

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