> What it looks like it is doing to me, if you hit the script 
> and reload it a
> bunch, is it creates a session, sticks with it for a while, 
> then dumps it ..
> it then creates another session, starts over at 1, and begins 
> counting up..
> then sometimes it will see the old session, and go back to it ..

Sorry, I'm stuck. I did a cut and paste of the code I sent and it works

Hello visitor, you have seen this page 100 times.

I am using IE 5.5. There have been similar reports of session weirdness from
time to time when using Netscape 4.x. It is hard to see how the browser
could be doing this, but maybe there is a sporadic bug in its cookie

Try changing browsers and see if you still see the problem. I really don't
have any suggestions for fixing it, tho. Sorry.


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