Here's the deal:  I swear this code worked to set a Cookie on IE 4.0 for
weeks.  Now when I went back to the site, it isn't setting the cookie.  I
isolated the script into its own file with nothing else before or after and
am still having no luck.

if (! $ArtPrintSession && $CheckingOut != "1")
print "$SessionID";

Here's what I've tried:
* Clearing the cache and erasing all other cookies.
* Setting the Cookie rules to "Prompt" and then "Accept All"
* Uploading this program to another website of mine which does successfully
send cookies to IE 4.0.  However, this script doesn't work.
* Uplading the script to the server in both ASCII mode and BINARY mode.
* Closing and restarting IE.  Shutting down and rebooting the PC.
* This script DOES work with NETSCAPE.

Even when sent to "Prompt before accepting cookies", I don't get a reaction
on IE.  This same copy of IE is accepting cookies form other sites.

I know it's going throught the IF statement because a $SessionID is
generated and printed out.

Is there a bug in the script, or is this an IE problem?

Jeff Gannaway

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