Hi Martin,

Question:  who actually OWNS the document?  Does it have your logname and
group?  If you're trying to do a rename from the server, remember that the
server generally runs as "apache" or "nobody"... and to coin a phrase,
"nobody" owns nothing.

If you're trying to manipulate files in your own home directory (or
http_docs or whatever suffices as your servable area), you have just about
two choices.  Either make the documents you're working with owned by nobody
(not really a good idea) or make a virtual web server in Apache that has the
appropriate User and Group directives to make that virtual server run "as"
you on your behalf.  About 5 minutes of httpd.conf configuration and a quick
DNS trick.

We've all tripped-up on this one at one time or another.  It's not much
setup either way, but whatever you do, make sure that YOUR security and the
security of your server come before all other considerations.

Best regards,

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Subject: [PHP] rename problem...

When i'm trying to run this script:

rename("document.htm", "testing.htm");


I get this error:

Warning: Rename failed (Permission denied) in
C:\Inetpub\WEBS\mysko\uploads\rename.php on line 4

The directoy has change permissions. What am i donig wrong...?


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