> rename("document.htm", "testing.htm");

> Warning: Rename failed (Permission denied) in
> C:\Inetpub\WEBS\mysko\uploads\rename.php on line 4

> The directoy has change permissions. What am i donig wrong...?

Change permissions for which user?

In Microsoft, that "Change Permission" in the web-root probably refers to
their 'I_USR_machinename' user, but Apache is running as, say, 'nobody', who
thus can't change it.  Alter httpd.conf User= to be 'I_USR_xxx' where 'xxx'
is whatever your machine is named.  Actually, double-check that that's what
is still set in the dialogs for anonymous access.

Also, does the *FILE* have any change permissions you can set?  Or does MS
not have that?  If the file itself has permissions, it will over-ride those
of the directory, presumably.

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