> $command ="/home/kyelateas/cgi-bin/test.pl";
> exec($command, $return, $status);
> if ($return) {
>     $return = implode("\n", $return);
>     print "<pre>Data = $return\n\nStatus = $status</pre>";
> }
> else
# >     echo "No data returned";
      echo "OS Error $status.  Usually paths/permissions.  See 'man errno'
and count down.";

> describing the transaction. It works perfectly from the command line, but

Does it work perfectly from the command line if you su to "nobody" (or
whomever PHP runs as) before you execute it?
Is it world executable?
Does it access resources such as PGP key-rings that "nobody" can/cannot

Are you sure you have the path correct?
Do both Perl scripts have exactly the same #! at the beginning?  Or is one
relying on the .pl ending to be executed properly?  (If that's even possible
in Un*x.)

> lines of output. Why would this be any different for php? I know the
> script that connects with the ecommerce server takes a bit longer. Could
> that be the problem?

It would have to take > 30 seconds, and you'd probably get a PHP error
message to that effect.

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