>Could somebody please show me, send me an example or redirect me to a page
which shows how to >show a random FLASH movie from a text file which
contains different names of different movies >so that when i go on the page
it shows lets say, 1 of the 5 movies in the text document.

    # Pick a movie, any movie:
    $path = "/path/to/your/text/file/of/movie/URLs.txt";
    $movies = file($path) or die("Could not open $path for reading.");
    srand((double) microtime() * 1000000);
    $index = rand(0, count($movies));
    $movie = $movies[$index];

    # Output the HTML to show that movie:
    echo "<PARAM NAME=MOVIE NAME=$movie>";

There's a lot more HTML to do a SWF properly than that, though, no...?

You can put as many movies as you want in your text file.

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