Bill has hit it right on! Programmers all over the world have already 
recognized that PHP is a superior language, and open-source is not the root 
of all evil (as M$ would have us believe). However, many (most?) execs do not 
listen to reason, but rather only to TV and glossy ads. Therefore, I propose 
we fight fire with fire!

Lets band together and form a web site not altogether unlike 
However, instead of development of new technology, our site could focus on 
the spread of PHP, or perhaps open source technology. Get our own credit 
card, ask for donations, be those donations money or time.

We could use this money to fund ad-campaigns. Ad-campaigns targeted not at 
programmers who already know the merit of PHP (and open-source in general), 
but rather the "Big Corporate Executive" who has the power to make or break 

The ads could go in magazines like Forbes, Fortune, etc. instead of Open 

If you are interested in this, either helping make the site, providing 
expertise in other areas (such as marketing), or would just be willing to 
make a donation, visit a page I just set up: . I'll consider this post to be a kind 
of market analysis. I sincerly hope that you are as interested- and willing- 
as I.

Evan Nemerson

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