I don't think it is possible to pass so much chars in a href, or URL for
the matter. Is it really necessary? Couldn't you first write somewhere
(db/file) those chars and retrieve it later, referencing it on the href?


  Julio Nobrega.

2B||!BB - That's the question.

"News.Fbcc.Com" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I want to pass a large (easily 1500-2500 characters) variable between a
> DHTML object using Jscript over to a PHP script to ultimately update a
> database. I know that I can pass a variable along with the link, i.e.
> location.href=etc. etc., but I believe there is a limit on the size of an
> href. What I am doing is editting text and am using MSIE specific
> to create HTML on the fly which I then want to pass to a PHP script to
> update my database.
> Any help would be SINCERELY appreciated!!
> Merci, (or is that mercy?)
> Andre

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