Any server along the way is allowed to chop GET requests to, like, 255

Any server along the way is allowed to chop POST requests to, like, 1024?

*MOST* won't chop either, any more, but you're safe with POST instead of

You *COULD* however, try this to guarantee delivery:

Breaking up the HTML into "packets" and POST each packet successively with a
numbering scheme whereby PHP holds each packet in a temp table and assembles
them when all packets have arrived.  Dunno if JavaScript will let you
execute multiple POSTs and ignore the returning HTML or not though...

Your best bet by far is to have JavaScript execute a POST with a FILE
UPLOAD.  You'll have to figure out if JavaScript can do that, though...

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Subject: Passing LARGE (1500-2500 chars) variable from JScript to PHP?

> I want to pass a large (easily 1500-2500 characters) variable between a
> DHTML object using Jscript over to a PHP script to ultimately update a
> database. I know that I can pass a variable along with the link, i.e.
> location.href=etc. etc., but I believe there is a limit on the size of an
> href. What I am doing is editting text and am using MSIE specific
> to create HTML on the fly which I then want to pass to a PHP script to
> update my database.
> Any help would be SINCERELY appreciated!!
> Merci, (or is that mercy?)
> Andre

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