Hello list members
I'm a newbie and having trouble with the EXEC function call from a PHP
script. I've submitted this problem to the list last week but so far no
response. And I still haven't figured it out. So here goes again.

PHP EXEC function seems to work ok for executing shell commands like 'ls
-al' etc.

but when I execute the following PHP web page code...

   $basedir = '/mnt/web/xxx/myplace';
   $cdir = $basedir . '/cgibin';

   $cmd = "cd $cdir;pwd;perl -w myscript.cgi";
   echo "cmd: $cmd<br>";
   $result = exec($cmd,$arr,$status);
   echo "status: $status [$result]<br>";

The cgi program has been chmod'ed to 755 so it can run from a webpage
and the cgi program runs fine when _not_ called from the PHP script.

I get a status code of 155. Can someone please explain what this error
code means!

Thanks in advance
Tony Frasketi

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