Earlier, I asked some questions about what you use in developing PHP 
applications. First, the questions, and then the answers:

1. Code libraries used:
a) Metabase (for database abstraction)
b) PHPLib
d) BinaryCloud
e) other

2. What code editor do you use?

3. How many are using templates, and if so, are you using a template 
a) PHPLib
b) Smarty
c) other?

Answers (number of respondents in brackets)
1.      adodb (1)
         BinaryCloud (1)
         A mixture of PEAR's database abstraction, PHPLIB's template class 
and my own libraries and classes (1)

2. UltraEdit (1), DreamWeaver 4 (2), AceHTML4 Pro from visicom.com (1), 
Homesite (2), vim (1), FrontPage (1), PHPCoder http://www.phpide.de (2), 
emacs (1), TextPad (1), ConTEXT (1), EditPlus (1)

3. Smarty (1)

Summary: not a huge statistical sample, but interestingly there were hardly 
any duplicate responses. Also, it seems using published templates and code 
libraries is not that popular, i.e. most people are writing their own code 
from scratch.


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