You can't do this and keep it tamper-proof with JavaScript/PHP. No matter 
what, anyone with an IQ above that of a tree stump could play with the POST 

I think the only way to do this and keep it tamper proof would be a Java 
applet. If memory serves, you can have record the time on the server, and 
have each answer sent as it is answered.

If you had a web site that posted forms to the server after every answer, the 
transmission time would have a big effect. No, Java is the way to go.

On Monday 13 August 2001 19:18, you wrote:
> You could have PHP insert a hidden form value holding the start time in the
> form. Then compare the start time with the current time when they submit
> and handle as needed. You could somehow encrypt the start time to prevent
> tampering.
> -Bryan

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