I wish someone deletes this post!
It's posted with date 2002! I'm gonna see it on the top of my messages for
about a year now!
I'm using the news server and not mailing list!

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> Hi.
> Does anybody know of any issues in PHP 4.0B2 regarding to the handling of
> session variables on different networks?
> Here is the problem. I have written a user authentication system using
> session variables. When the user logs in their name and pass are stored as
> an associative array (with other details from a database). If the details
> are invalid the user is booted back to the logon screen. The system worked
> fine for everyone except myself and one other person who was on the same
> network (optus@home network).
> The problem was that although the username and password were sent and
> into the session variables, upon accessing another page the session
> variables were not carried forward (although the session id was) and so I
> was thrown back to the login. As I said, this was only true for users on
> optus@home network. Fpr anyone else it seemed to be fine.
> Identical code on a server running PGP 4.0.4pl1 worked universally.
> I have been tearing my remaining hair out for days on this one now. Does
> anyone have any suggestions (except for 'Upgrade PHP on the 4.0B2 server'
> 'move to a different server'. That, unfortunately is beyond my control
:(  )
> Cheers
> Lee

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