At 11:02 AM 8/14/2001, Kevin L wrote:

I had a similar problem.....jason murray gave me some ideas ;-)

just stick this in a function as I did and you'll be sailing.....its easy 
to update, and Extremely flexible.

look at my code..

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="-2">Location : <a 
href="";>Home</a> / <?php

$patharray = explode ("/",$SCRIPT_NAME);

$scriptname = basename($SCRIPT_NAME);

         for ($dirsi = 1; $dirsi < count($patharray); $dirsi++){

                         $dirs = array(
                         'company' => 'Company',
                         'services' => 'Services',
                         'support' => 'Support',
                                 'mac' => 'Mac',
                                 'winnt' => 'Windows NT',
                                 'win9x' => 'Windows 9X',
                                 'unix' => 'Linux And Unix',
                         'customers' => 'Customers',
                         'noc' => 'NOC',
                         'help' => ' Help'

                 $linkdes = $dirs[$patharray[$dirsi]];

                 $link = $link . "/$patharray[$dirsi]";

                 if ($patharray[$dirsi] == $scriptname){
                         $linkdes = $title;
                         $slash = "";
                         $linkhtml = "<a href=\"$link\">$linkdes</a>$slash";
                                 if ($patharray[$dirsi] == "index.php"){
                                         $link = "";
                                         $linkdes = "";
                                         $slash = "";
                                         $linkhtml = "";
                         $slash = " / ";
                         $linkhtml = "<a href=\"$link\">$linkdes</a>$slash";
echo $linkhtml;


you can see it in action at  look at the "location" 
below our logo.


>The navigation system you are refering to is called breadcrumb navigation.
>You can find implementations of this all over the place.  Try
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>Hi everyone,
>I am somewhat new at the use of php and would appreciate if someone
>could help me with a question re "location bar"
>How can a location bar such as the sample below be generated in php to
>be displayed in web pages ...
>         Location : home:/category:sub_1:/page title
>Is there a specific setup needed in terms of the directory structure on
>the server? Or will this only function with database type website?
>Thanks in advance for any input and helpful ideas  ...
>God bless you with His grace and peace
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