On Tue, 14 Aug 2001 11:39:55 -0400, Kurth Bemis wrote:

>just stick this in a function as I did and you'll be sailing.....its easy 
>to update, and Extremely flexible.
>look at my code.. (rest snipped)

Hi Kurth, and others

I adjusted your code for the purpose of my site (replacing he values in
the array and the homepage address, etc) ... but when I plugged it into
a page for testing; i got the following results:

Location : Home / 
Warning: Undefined variable: link in visitheadnav-1.inc on line 70
Besucher / 
Warning: Undefined index: support.php3 in visitheadnav-1.inc on line 68
Warning: Undefined variable: title in visitheadnav-1.inc on line 73

The code is part of an include file named "visitheadnav-1.inc" ... and
apparently there is some "link" there in the code which is "an
undefined variable" ... but I have no idea what this error message is
about  :-(    The results "Home/" and "Besucher/" are actually correct
... it's just the "undefined link" problem I need to get figured out
... Here's the code I inserted into my visitheadnav-1.inc:

<p class="fn8">Location : <a href="http://www.bibelcenter.de.";>Home</a>
$patharray = explode ("/",$SCRIPT_NAME);
$scriptname = basename($SCRIPT_NAME);
  for ($dirsi = 1; $dirsi < count($patharray); $dirsi++)
     $dirs = array(
      'visitor' => 'Besucher',
      'info' => 'Information',
      'bibel' => 'Bibelarbeit',
      'bibliothek' => 'Bibliothek',
      'gebet' => 'Gebetsraum',
      'links' => 'Internet Links',
      'kids' => 'Kinderecke',
      'shop' => 'Bookshop'

                 $linkdes = $dirs[$patharray[$dirsi]];
                 $link = $link . "/$patharray[$dirsi]";
                 if ($patharray[$dirsi] == $scriptname){
                         $linkdes = $title;
                         $slash = "";
                         $linkhtml = "<a
                                 if ($patharray[$dirsi] ==
                                         $link = "";
                                         $linkdes = "";
                                         $slash = "";
                                         $linkhtml = "";
                         $slash = " / ";
                         $linkhtml = "<a
echo $linkhtml;

Any ideas, what may be wrong and causing these error messages?

God bless you with His grace and peace 

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