for a file i would do something like this:

$file = file ("addressfile.txt");

foreach ($file as $address)
        mail ($address, "subject", "message", "From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]");

for the mysql db it would be something like this (this is probably a
little off):

$mysql = mysql_pconnect ($server, $username, $pw);
$res = mysql_query ("select * from addresses", $mysql)
        or die ("something went bad");

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array ($res)) {
        mail ($row["address"], "subject", "message", "From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]");

I hope this helps. I'm sure it probably has a syntax error or something
but you get the point. :-) Welcome to the happy world of php!
        - Dan

On Tue, 14 Aug 2001, Erich Kolb wrote:

> I am a total newbie, so please forgive the simplicity!
> I have a huge list of email addresses in a text file and also in a MySQL DB
> that I would like to use PHP to loop through and send an email to each one
> of them. How do I loop through a text file using each email in the txt file
> as a seperate email address and send a message to that address?  Or would it
> be easier to just do it from a MySQL DB? If so, How??


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