I have this code, which is a cooked down code of something bigger. So don't
ask what it's for.
The problem is that I can't get this script working the way I like it at
all. Maybe it's a bug. Maybe you have another suggestion?
Somewhere in the middle section i have wrote test1 and test2 as a comment.
If you activate test2 instead of test1, then you will have some output(not
the expected output), else I just see a page saying:"The page cannot be

I think it's very strange, any ideas?
Try inserting this into a file and try yourself.


$side = 1;

function grabkeys ($felt, $key, $side) {
global $newarray;
$stopkey = array ("A","Z");//De key-navne som den ikke skal gemme.
If (!in_array($key , $stopkey)) {
  if ($felt == $side) { $newarray[] = $key;};

function showkeys ($felt, $key) {
global $newarray;
//echo count($newarray) . "-count newarray<br>"; //
//echo "<pre>" . $newarray[0] . "</pre>-newarray<br>"; //test2
echo $newarray[0] . "-newarray<br>"; //test1

$row = array
array_walk ($row, 'grabkeys', $side);
array_walk ($row, 'showkeys');

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