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>  I have a mainusers.php page, which only calls for functions
> instead of writing them all together inside that page. At one step, it
> calls for an “adduser” function which brings a table that let the
> administrator insert a new user. After the submit button is pressed, it
> calls for a function called “useradded” which resides in the same
> library as the “adduser” function. This useradded function queries the
> database, inserting the user. The problem is that it does not get the
> HTTP POST VARS although they are being passed according to phpinfo.php.

Without an example to look at, I may be mis-understanding your situation.  
But it sounds like this may be a scoping issue: trying to use a global 
($HTTP_POST_VARS) within a function without using the special "global" 

This won't work:

function adduser()
   echo "LOCAL SCOPE: " . $HTTP_POST_VARS['user'];

This will:

function adduser()
   global $HTTP_POST_VARS['user'];
   echo "GLOBAL SCOPE: " . $HTTP_POST_VARS['user'];

If this is the problem you're having, you can find more information at:


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