*I checked to make sure it would be OK to post the following here so please
don't mistake it for spam. I was told it would be more than OK!*

I help develop a text editor called EmEditor and we are about to focus
development on supporting the needs/wants of a select number of communities.
Our editor currently supports the development of over a dozen languages with
syntax highlighting, auto complete, plugins, high configurability, etc. We
get a lot of positive feedback but very little from open source-positive
communities like the PHP community.

The head developer and owner of our company responds to user feedback so
naturally the loudest communties get what they want while the rest don't.
I've been a fan of PHP and I am very much interested in developing an editor
with PHP and PHP developers in mind but I can't convince my boss to include
PHP in our future plans if he doesn't hear from the community itself. Even
the Ruby community in Japan makes itself heard!

To cut this short, I think this is a great chance for interested parties in
the PHP community to have a say in the development of another editor that
actively tries to make itself useful to PHP developers. Our editor is
shareware so of course it costs nothing to try it out and start speaking up
for the changes and features you would like to see. There are a lot of nice
environments in which to write PHP but it sure doesn't hurt to have another

David Jansen

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