Consider the following table that I grabbed from another web site using:

$url = '';
$lines_array = file($url);
$lines_string = implode('', $lines_array);


<table cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" border="0">
    <td align=center>banana</td>
    <td align=left>.46</td>
    <td align=right>.55</td>

    <td align=center>pear</td>
    <td align=left>.38</td>
    <td align=right>.51</td>

    <td align=center>apple</td>
    <td align=left>.59</td>
    <td align=right>.33</td>


The fruit lables don't change, but prices change daily.
How would I parse JUST the two prices to the right of the word pear into a
new html table?

How would I parse the word pear AND the two prices to the right into a new
html table?

I think the answers will help me understand better.


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