I have OpenLDAP and PHP 4.0.4p1 on a RedHat 7.1 (plain distribution, didn't
recompile anything, and I use MOD_LDAP to authenticate users to an intranet
site. I want PHP pages to show the real username so I have this function I
call when I want to know the username.

the mod_ldap queries and ldap queries from a Perl CGI return very fast. On
Perl I don't notice an performance issue (with less than a couple
queries/second), but each query using PHP takes about two full seconds (or
more). I did a workaround keeping the result on a session variable, but it's
still slow every time I call this function.
mod_ldap stores the user's dn on the REMOTE_USER environment variable.

Here's the function. I don't know how to make it faster.

Emilio Panighetti

// Retrieves user's real name from LDAP
function ldapcnsearch()
   $s_ldapserver = "localhost";
   $s_ldapport = 389;
   $ds = ldap_connect( "ldap://".$s_ldapserver.":".$s_ldapport );
   ldap_set_option( $ds, LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION, 3);
   $qar[] = "cn";
   if ( $ds ) {
      $r = ldap_bind( $ds );
      $sr = ldap_read( $ds, getenv( "REMOTE_USER" ), "cn=*", $qar, 0, 1,
1 );
      $info = ldap_get_entries($ds, $sr);
      $s_RealName = $info[0]["cn"][0];
      ldap_close( $ds );
      return( $s_RealName );

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