I have created a database with the backend of Mysql
and i am accesing the database using PHP scripts.

In the database there is one field, which has the
information of the structure of a molecule as a
Coordinate data.

when i am using the mysql_fetch_array() command to
retrive the data, it's just taking the text part of
the file, which is simply a ASCII characters and
displaying that on the browser screen.

I have a program whihc will take that coordinate file
as the input and it will convert that file into a 3D
structure, i have the exe file of that program.

Now my query is 

how do i access this exe file in the php script???,

Is that Possible in some way??? 

so the data is retrived it has to automatically invoke
the ./xxx file and it will give the 3D rendering of
that data which is in the form of coordinate file.

Please give me some suggestiosn about this.

Thanks in advance.


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