Dear all

I had download the PHP 4 and was trying to get it work! Well actally i had
get it work in my IIS Server!!
But the Strange thing is, i had create serval different website inside
IIS4.0, and i want all of them can work with PHP.
So i created a site and i get it work with PHP, which it runs the script and
the ISAPI filter shows that the PHP was loaded.

Existing Setting for the Sucessful Website that can work with PHP:
ISAPI Filter                     = PHP (c:\php\sapi\php4isapi.dll)
Application Extension   = C:\php\php.exe %s%s

So i do the same setting as the other new create Website, but all of the
other doesn't work!
I even had changed the Application Extension point to the same file as the
ISAPI Filter (Which is php4isapi.dll), the php status still remain not

I had read a book which it ask me to point both ISAPI and APP Extension to
"php4isapi.dll", but when i read some article from internet, some of them
say that the Application Extension should point to "php.exe", so could
anyone tell me which is the truth! and pls help me with that, because i got
to get to other website working with PHP as well!!


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