> I had read a book which it ask me to point both ISAPI and APP Extension to
> "php4isapi.dll", but when i read some article from internet, some of them
> say that the Application Extension should point to "php.exe", so could
> anyone tell me which is the truth! and pls help me with that, because i got
> to get to other website working with PHP as well!!
Your suffering from a mixture of truths!

First of all, the ISAPI module is not stable. It will just cause you grief so 
remove it from your filters list.

Second, make the application extensions point to php.exe (you don't need the 
%s %s stuff).

If you do this to the master web site properties and tell it to override 
other script map extensions then all your web sites will map onto php. If you 
have different settings for each of the websites then you will have to 
configure each one individually.


Phil Driscoll

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