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Ok, here we go....

I'm new to PHP and also to MySql, but i'm making a pretty good go so far.
Until now, lol

I have a mysql database with several optional feilds (pe1.pe2.pe2,e1,e2,e3,

What I'm looking for is a way to check the value of each optional feild and
if said feild is "not null" or contains data. I want to create a header for
that feild and then a bulleted list of the options in the feilds under the

i.e something along the lines of:

<?php if (pe1 = not null) print(Professional Education)?> <li> <?php
printf(pe1)?> <li> <?php printf(pe2)?> <?php else (quit and check next set
of optional feilds)?>

So the final output would end up like:

Professional Education
* College
* High School
* Middle School


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