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> hi.
> what is cookie??
> thanks much.

what the... oh its you again.

I am too tired to give you the complete setup. Here is the short term
explanation. Read the links below for more info.

Cookies are a general mechanism which server side connections (such as CGI
scripts) can use to both store and retrieve information on the client side
of the connection. The addition of a simple, persistent, client-side state
significantly extends the capabilities of Web-based client/server


1.1 What is a Cookie?

A cookie is simply an HTTP header that consists of a text-only string that
gets entered into the memory of a browser. This string contains the domain,
path, lifetime, and value of a variable that a website sets. If the lifetime
of this variable is longer than the time the user spends at that site, then
this string is saved to file for future reference

http://www.cookiecentral.com/faq/  <--- recommended!


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