Still trying to get the cookie to work in my site for automatic login
capabilities. It has it's moments of greatness, before fading into the
shadows again. Most recently, I downloaded Netscape 6.2.1 to test my site,
and when I did not allow the password manager to save my login, it has since
refused to allow my cookie to be set, even when I unblocked cookies for the
site in the Netscape preferences. So, in light of that, I tried to set the
cookie on a page in the directory above the login page, in hopes that I
could get around the Netscape problem, and, of course, this stopped IE 6
from reading the cookie.  Now, neither browser is working correctly.  I am
already resigned to the fact that I will not try to support users of
versions 4 and below in regards to cookies, however I do need to get the
more recent versions working.

Is it true that when you set a cookie, it is valid only in that directory or
Will it be retrieved in subfolders of that directory?
Do I require special code  to allow it to be accessed in subfolders?

Steve Osborne
Database Programmer
Chinook Multimedia Inc.

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