Hello everyone,

I've been tearing my hair out trying to write a function in PHP that 
will accomplish the following:

Given a multidimensional array with words as keys, I want to match 
the values of each array with the keys of the array and build a new 
array that reflects these relationships as a sort of tree.  So, in 
the list below, "fruit", "apples", "oranges", "red" are the keys and 
in the "fruit" array are the values "apples" and "oranges", so I want 
the function to create a new array that looks like:

$array['fruits'] = array("apples","oranges","pears");
$array['apples'] = array("red","granny smith");
$array['oranges'] = array('mandarin');
$array['red'] = array("big red","small red");

$array['fruits'] = array(apples,oranges,pears);
$array['fruits']['apples'] = array("red","granny smith");
$array['fruits']['oranges'] = array('mandarin');

And then I want it further to figure out that "red", now in the array 
found at: $array['fruits']['apples'] matches a key in the original 
array so the final result looks like:

$array['fruits'] = array(apples,oranges,pears);
$array['fruits']['oranges'] = array('mandarin');
$array['fruits']['apples'] = array("red","granny smith");
$array['fruits']['apples']['red'] = array("big red","small red");

So, you see how it builds a little tree, right?

AND, I'd like this function to be able to handle any number (probably 
less that 30, but whatever) of initial array elements in an 
unpredictable order and the final tree could have up to five or six 
levels.  You know?

Is this impossible, or am I just going about the end result wrong?? 
It seemed like such a simple thing three days ago, but now I am about 
to cry uncle.

Anyway, please write if you have any thoughts.

Sondra Russell

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