> Given a multidimensional array with words as keys, I want to match
> the values of each array with the keys of the array and build a new
> array that reflects these relationships as a sort of tree.  So, in
> the list below, "fruit", "apples", "oranges", "red" are the keys and
> in the "fruit" array are the values "apples" and "oranges", so I want
> the function to create a new array that looks like:
> $array['fruits'] = array("apples","oranges","pears");
> $array['apples'] = array("red","granny smith");
> $array['oranges'] = array('mandarin');
> $array['red'] = array("big red","small red");
> $array['fruits'] = array(apples,oranges,pears);
> $array['fruits']['apples'] = array("red","granny smith");
> $array['fruits']['oranges'] = array('mandarin');

Something not unlike this:

# Change the 1's to 0's to get rid of debugging output:
function buildTree(&$original, $key = 'fruits', $level = 1){
    if (1) echo str_repeat('>', $level), $key, "   ->",
key($original), "<BR>\n";
    $result = array();
    if (is_array($original[$key])){
        while (list($k, $v) = each($original[$key])){
            $result[$key][$k] = buildTree($v, $k, $level++);
        $result[$key][$k] = $value;
    if (1) echo str_repeat('&lt;', $level), "<BR>\n";
    return $result;

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