I am having a little problem with Regular Expressions
  In the function below I am trying to make sure only these characters
  are being used in the hostname. If the hostname contains
  letters,digits,periods and minus signs then it is fine and we can
  let the process continue. If it has underscore signs or slashes or
  anything else in it I what it to give an error. The problem with my
  function below is it reject everything. What am I doing wrong?

if (($hostname) || ($HOSTNAME)) {
   $hostname= trim($hostname);
   if ($HOSTNAME)
      $hostname = trim($HOSTNAME);
   if (!eregi("^[-a-z0-9-]+(\.[a-z0-9-]+)*$ ", $hostname)) {
      print_error("your <b>your hostname</b> is invalid");
   $HOSTNAME = $hostname;

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