> if (($hostname) || ($HOSTNAME)) {
>    $hostname= trim($hostname);
>    if ($HOSTNAME)
>       $hostname = trim($HOSTNAME);
>    if (!eregi("^[-a-z0-9-]+(\.[a-z0-9-]+)*$ ", $hostname)) {
>       print_error("your <b>your hostname</b> is invalid");
>    }
>    $HOSTNAME = $hostname;
> }

Things I know are wrong:
1. I don't think you want a - before the a-z
2. You have ()s around only the stuff *AFTER* the first character.  So you
are losing that stuff in the ()s to be saved in the third argument you're
not providing to eregi()...
3. You didn't escape your \ from PHP, nor eregi().  You need \\\\, I think.
4. You have a space after the $, which is wrong.
5. You didn't escape the $ from PHP with \

Warning:  I hate Regex, and have no idea if fixing these will get you any
closer to what you want.

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