i am trying to install the thousands-of-lines big postnuke.com website 
Unfortunately it won't start and the community does not seem to recognize 
the problem.
I get this message:

        PHP caused an invalid page fault in
        module PHP4TS.DLL at 015f:1008e884.

(PHP4 on win98)

Anyone any idea how i can debug? 

E_ALL is not giving any related info.
I tracked down where the page stops loading but these lines seem to be not 
related to the problem. 

I made it print a html text and this keeps working just unto the place where 
the page suddenly stops loading in a straight html bit.

By the way, quite complicated structure. Never had so many php files open at 
the same time to track a bug!


--  C.Hayes  Droevendaal 35  6708 PB Wageningen  the Netherlands  --


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