One way around this is to make the first page just a dummy that starts a
session then redirects to the real first page, with the session id passed on
the redirect URL.


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> From: Egan [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2001 10:56 AM
> Subject: [PHP] chicken and egg problem with SID
> I have a multi page sequence of input forms tied to a session.  It
> works perfectly with cookies.  But I also want to make it work without
> cookies, using:
>     php_value session.use_cookies 0
>     php_value session.use_trans_sid 1
> in my .htaccess file, to use the SID support provided by PHP.
> When testing this, I see that the SID works with all pages except the
> first.  But because the first page has no SID passed to it in the URL,
> the first instance of:
>     session_start();
> creates a new session every time you refresh the first page with the
> browser.  And that is the problem.  I only want one session to be
> created, no matter how many times the user hits refresh on the first
> page.
> So then I tried setting the session id myself, hard coding it to some
> arbitrary value like:
>     <?
>     session_id('7777625d282694214b0459cebe287777');
>     session_start();
>     ?>
> and that solves the multiple session problem; only one session is
> created, no matter how many times you hit refresh on the first page. 
> Yay!
> But that still leaves a chicken and egg problem to solve:
> I can generate some random value to be used for the session_id, but I
> can't think of a good way to store it for use on the first page.
> Since the first page does not get the SID in the URL, I need to set
> the session_id before calling session_start.  But that means I don't
> have any session where I can store my random value, for recalling it
> later, on the next page refresh.
> Ack!  I only need some simple way to store the SID value I generate,
> before the page is loaded a second time.
> I thought of using a CGI to dynamically generate all the PHP and HTML
> for page 1, and also have the CGI put a random session_id value right
> into the page source itself, just like I did when testing.  I suppose
> that would work, but it seems like there should be an easier way.
> Maybe there is some obvious solution, but it is not obvious to me at
> the moment.
> Has anyone else solved this problem, with a better method?  

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