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>Subject: Re: [PHP] Script timeout
>On Wednesday 22 August 2001 17:59, Julian Wood wrote:
>> I have a script which has to do a *lot* of work. In fact, it times out
>> after 300 seconds, but is only about half done at that point. So I
>> tried using set_time_limit(0) to no avail (php is *not* running in safe
>> mode). So next I tried this directive in the apache config file:
>> php_value max_execution_time 12000 (and various other values too). Now
>> this changed the value of the constant correctly as reported by
>> phpinfo(), but not as reported by get_cfg_var(max_execution_time),
>> which still reported the default 30s. Empirically, the script would
>> still time out at exactly 300 seconds, as before. So, any idea what is
>> going on? Why timeout at 300s instead of the 30s or the 12000s which
>> are the only two values reported? Any other workarounds? This is php
>> 4.0
>Looks like some HTTP timeout, i.e. either Apache or the browser is 
>getting bored. Try outputting something from time to time.
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