> I'm using the form file object for uploading a file because php using ftp
> isn't supported on my provider but everthing ok so far.
> Now the http user (lets say the user that php is running on) is owner of
> file, I want to change this to the user I am (the ftp user)
> hosting is running linux and I'm a real user there.
> is it possible to change user ?

You can try:

and various other functions that accept a permissions argument (fopen?) and
see if any of them will let you do this...

Probably not, since then *ANY* PHP-scripter on your server could hijack your
account, and that would be bad, eh?

What your IPS *MIGHT* do is create a GROUP with you and nobody user in it,
and you *MIGHT* be able to chgrp the file to that group, and you *might* be
able to do what you need to do with that file then...

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