For those who might run into the same problem in the future:

If functions like "mysql_db_name" are not working and you get no 
mysqlerr, then most likely your PHP installation is messed up. Maybe you 
see the same behavior than we: phpinfo shows old and wrong stuff in the 
first section, i.e. an old servername or the wrong PHP version even if 
you installed a different one. phpinfo must never show wrong information!
In our case PHP is static compiled with Apache, I guess the Apache 
installation was not clean either.

This kind of error is easy to see if you install phpMyAdmin: you do not 
even get the index page. We finally connected to a running MySQL 
database on a production server, got the same result and could therefore 
isolate the problem - PHP or the combination Apache/PHP.

We run Solaris 2.8 on a Netra T1 AC200 and we are not familiar to this 
system yet. And we did more than one installation on this machine, maybe 
one or more were not correct. Since a complete new install of 
Apache/PHP/MySQL on a other Sun (X1) worked, we knew what to do:
Delete all previous installations of Apache and PHP. Make a fresh and 
empty /usr/local/ directory. delete all config files you might have in 
different locations. Unpack the downloads - all latest stable - only 
with gtar (important!) and compile only with gcc (important!). Now we 
are up and running, just the PHP library for dynamic image generation 
could not been installed - we are working on it.

Richard Lynch, thank you for your help. Your guess that there are 
accidently different libraries involved, pointed us in the right 

Peter Ostry

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