Hi all.  I just stumbled across this earlier this week.  It's an app called
"JaneBUILDER" that helps with some of the PHP tedium of connecting,
selecting, and grabbing data from your MySQL db.  I was amazed at how fast I
put together an admin section for a client...3 minutes generated 10 pages!!!
Here's a little blurb from their website:

What is JaneBUILDER?

JaneBUILDER is a visual editor for PHP. JaneBUILDER allows you build complex
PHP pages with mouse clicks and menu items. The files created are native PHP
(text) files (that can be opened by any html tool or text editor) and
uploaded to your web server for deployment.

JaneBUILDER Philosophy:

JaneBUILDER is simple tool that lets you build PHP pages extremely quickly.
JaneBUILDER is not a replacement for your current HTML editor. Nor, is it a
replacement for your current text editor. JaneBUILDER is a tool that lives
in and lets you work in between these two worlds. We call it middleware for
your middleware. We think you'll love it so much you will add it to your
current arsenal of web tools.

I certainly don't work for them, but I think it's a cool app.  Windows
version on the way, apparently.




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