I had this problem.  If you say that even without the getimagesize() it is
not being uploaded.  Then try this.  If you declared $the_image in the
<input type="file" name="the_image"> try using $the_image_name.  From the
manual this is what I figured out and it works (on linux)

 In PHP, the following variables will be defined within the destination
   script upon a successful upload, assuming that register_globals is
   turned on in php.ini. If track_vars is turned on, they will also be
   available in PHP within the global array $HTTP_POST_VARS. Note that
   the following variable names assume the use of the file upload name
   'userfile', as used in the example above:

     * $userfile - The temporary filename in which the uploaded file was
       stored on the server machine.
     * $userfile_name - The original name or path of the file on the
       sender's system.


On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Joseph Koenig wrote:

> Sorry, I know file uploads are asked about all the time...
> I'm having an odd problem on a WinNT system.
> When I try to do my upload, I test the file to see the type of it:
> $image_info = GetImageSize($the_image);
> However, that line gives me:
> Warning: getimagesize: Unable to open
> '/Joe1/Desktop%20Folder/device_eval.gif' for reading. in
> D:\public\HJ\www.h-jenterprises.com\test\admin\item_functions.php on
> line 22
> At first I had thought this would be a permissions issue, but the file
> it can't open is the one being uploaded. If I echo the file being
> uploaded, i get:
> Image Name: /Joe1/Desktop%20Folder/device_eval.gif
> I swear I looked at the archive and I've done this plenty of times
> before (but on Unix). This project is being done on NT, which I'm fairly
> unfamiliar with though. Any help would be much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Joe

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