PFE32 and WS_FTP when in windows
VI or kwrite when under linux

Greg Beaver wrote:

>I'm curious what programs/platforms different people use to develop PHP.
>I don't have access to a good unix or linux server (need the hard drive
>space for large .wav files), so I develop in Microslop Losedose.  I have
>been using Allaire HomeSite 4.5 because of its excellent support for color
>coding, and for downloadable help (have both PHP and MySQL docs available in
>the program, and it doesn't crash like PHP Coder).  After a while of coding
>by uploading and testing online, I downloaded Xitami web server and do all
>of my developing and testing offline, then upload.  I don't use a debugger.
>Anyone have a sweet setup that makes it all easier?
>The Chiara String Quartet

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