I keep my web documents in a CVS repository on a Linux box, and use WinCVS
(GNU) to check files in and out on my WinNT desktop.  I use ConTEXT
(freeware) for editing.   Documentation and help are always available at
php.net and google.com.  I have an Apache 'staging' server, and to keep the
document tree up to date with the CVS repository I run a cron job that
performs 'cvs update -d' every five minutes from the server document root.

When a project is ready to go live, all that's needed is a 'CVS export'
command to generate a clean copy of the most recent files to go on the live
server - meanwhile keeping a complete revision history in CVS in case
there's ever a need to access an older version.  It works quite nicely.
I've never had much patience with development environments... they always
seem like more trouble than they're worth.  (Of course, I've never gotten
very deep into a language like C with all the cross linking and Make files -
I could see an IDE coming in handy in that case!)

Oh, and my Linux 'box' is actually a VMWare virtual machine running Mandrake
Linux 8.0 on my WinNT desktop. ;-)


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> From: Greg Beaver [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Monday, August 27, 2001 12:11 AM
> Subject: What development environment do you use for PHP?
> Hi,
> I'm curious what programs/platforms different people use to develop PHP.
> Anyone have a sweet setup that makes it all easier?

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