I ever solve this problem with sessions... when a user does the login, I

$allowed = true;

and on the top of all the other sites, where just "special" users are
allowed to go in, there is a

include ("checkAllowed.php");

checkAllowed.php just contains:
if (!$allowed)
  die ("Access denied");

I hope I could help you... if so - or if you have got questions, please feel
free to email me!


gert mellak

Wilbert Enserink <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb in im Newsbeitrag:
006601c12ef5$aff7c380$[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi all,

Can anybody help me with this authentication problem?

Clients can log in using a html form on my site. When they log in their
username and password are checked in a mysql database. Then they are
forwarded to a url, a directory on my site also coming from the db. This
directory should not be public of couse, so I did a chmod 744 on the clients

Anybody has any ideas? I prefer not to use the standard window popup thing
for authentication.
I checked the php manual, but there is not much info on plain html forms on
the subject, or maybe it is my English...:-)

Regards, Wilbert

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Van Mierisstraat 25
2526 NM Den Haag
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fax 070 4450852

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